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The Milkybar® Story

From humble yet tasty beginnings, discover the rich and long history behind the UK and Ireland’s no.1 white chocolate brand…


Story 1875

1875 – Henri Nestlé and Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate

Swiss chemist Henri Nestlé helped local businessman Daniel Peter to invent the first-ever milk chocolate, using high quality condensed Swiss milk from his own factory and his never-ending knowledge about milk!


1929 – Nestlé expanded

Nestlé bought Daniel Peter’s chocolate business which boasts chocolate-making expertise dating back to 1819!


1936 – Medicinal kids’ formula

In 1936, Nestlé were making Nestrovit – a children’s formula. The product was a vitamin-enriched condensed milk, developed to help kids get more of the vitamins they needed at the time. Using the same technology Henri and Daniel employed to create milk chocolate, Nestlé added cocoa butter to Nestrovit in order to make a solid tablet form of the milk. In doing so, they accidentally invented white chocolate…

Story 1936

1936 – Milkybar® arrives!

Shortly after, Nestlé realised they could make non-medicinal versions of Nestrovit, and Milkybar® was born (known as Galak in some countries).


Did you know...?

Milkybar® production ended in 1940 due to wartime shortages of milk and sugar, but thankfully started up again in 1956.

Story 1961

1961 – It’s the Milkybar® Kid!

‘The Milkybars are on me!’  It’s 1961 and the very first Milkybar® Kid makes his TV appearance. Milkybar® became the delicious snack that everyone wanted to buy.

Story 1987

1987 – Milkybar® Buttons launched

Now a classic staple of the Milkybar® brand, Nestlé launched the first entirely white chocolate drop in the UK market – the deliciously creamy Milkybar® Buttons. The Milkybar® Kid starred as the ringmaster of a circus, where the star attraction was a machine that could chew up a Milkybar® and turn it into Buttons.

Story 1989

1989 – Raisin to believe

Milkybar® Raisins were born, alongside more and more seasonal products like advent calendars, Easter eggs and more.

Story 2000

2000-2008 – Hello newbies

The noughties brought a few new faces for all the family to enjoy: Milkybar® Choo, Milkybar® Munchies, Milkybar® Sharing Block and Milkybar® White Moments.


2007 – Going natural

In 2007 the Milkybar® recipe was improved, now made only from all natural, simple ingredients.

Story 2010

2010-2012 – Milkybar® Giant Buttons and Raisin & Biscuit Bar launch

Perfect for sharing, Milkybar® Giant Buttons become a new favourite with chocolate lovers everywhere. Packed with juicy raisins and crunchy biscuit pieces, Milkybar® Raisin and Biscuit Bar added a new tasty twist to an old classic.

Story 2012

2012-present – Today!

Today Milkybar® is more popular than ever. There are over 1.9 billion Milkybar® Buttons sold in the UK every year. The new ideas and product developments continue to make Milkybar® as exciting as ever, with something for everyone to enjoy!

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