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Deliciously Smooth and Creamy White Chocolate

  1. Where can i find Milkybar®?  

    Milkybar® can be found in all major retailers and local stores. Visit our product page for more information.

  2. When was Milkybar® created?  

    Milkybar® was created and launched in 1936!

  3. Does Milkybar® contain any artifical, flavours or preservatives?  

    No, Milkybar® does not contain artificial flavourings and, like all white chocolate, it does not contain added colours or preservatives.

  4. How can I stay up-to-date with Milkybar®?  

    You can stay up to date with all things Milkybar® on our social media pages. Sign up to our newsletter, using the sign up form above, to hear updates from Milkybar®.

  5. Where can I find Milkybar® recipe ideas?  

    You can find Milkybar® recipe ideas on our recipe page and on our Instagram page.

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