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Milk is our No. 1 ingredient

  1. Why did you change the Milkybar® recipe?  

    We’re always looking to improve our products for you and the rest of the family. Although we’ve made changes we have spent countless hours making sure that Milkybar®’s taste remains as good. We have tested it with mums and they think it tastes just as good, only now we’ve added more milk.

  2. What changes did you make to the recipe?  

    We have increased the milk content so that milk is the number one ingredient which also allowed us to remove some sugar. There are still no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives – simple!

  3. The pack says milk is now the number one ingredient – what was it before?  

    We have made a really important decision by making milk the number one ingredient in Milkybar®. In the past, sugar was the number one ingredient, which is why we have made the change. We’re always looking to improve our products for you and the rest of the family.

  4. How could you call it Milkybar® when this wasn’t the number one ingredient?  

    Back when Milkybar® was launched in 1936, it was named as such because of its taste and look (and you’ve got to admit it’s one creamy looking chocolate bar). It makes it even more fitting that now milk is the number one ingredient of Milkybar®.

  5. Does this mean that I can eat more Milkybar®?  

    We always want our consumers to be responsible when eating Milkybar®. Check the packet for recommended serving size – it’s in a neat roundel on the back of pack. After all, some seriously smart boffins work hard to figure out what the recommendations should be. We have taken some sugar out of Milkybar® but let’s stick to the recommended serving size.

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