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Play in Puddles

Make a rainy day fun with some puddle play! Make sure you have suitable footwear and don't mind getting a little bit wet.

Step 1
If it's a rainy day start by going on a puddle hunt to see what you can find. If it's a nice dry day why not make your own puddle with a watering can full of collected rain water?
Step 2
Challenge 1 - How many rings can you make in the puddle? Try tapping the water with a foot.
Step 3
Challenge 2 - Can you jump over the puddle without making a splash.
Step 4
Challenge 3 - What's the biggest splash you can make. Try stamping or jumping into the puddle with both feet!
Step 5
Can you make anything float on a puddle? Try some objects that you can find and see what happens.