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Grow a Seed

Top Tip - Your little one will love learning how things grow and because the jar is see through, they will be able to see every step of the process.

To complete this grow a seed in a jar experiment, you will need a glass jar, some cotton wool, water and some seeds; we recommend cress, sunflower seeds or broad beans!

Step 1
Begin by stretching out your cotton wool and placing it in the jar. Fill it almost to the half way point.
Step 2
Next you need to add water! Make sure the cotton wool is fully saturated! Don't worry, if you put too much water into the jar you can carefully tip some out or just add more cotton wool!
Step 3
Carefully place your seeds on top of the cotton wool and then gently push down so they're embedded a little in the wet cotton wool.

There you have it! With regular watering and sunlight your seed will grow in no time!