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Decorate a Flower Pot

Decorate Flower Pot Face - 1

Top Tip - Let your little ones imagination run wild with this one! The finished pots also make great gifts for friends and family!

Decorate Flower Pot Face - 2

To make a flower pot friend you will need a flower pot (you choose the size!), acrylic paints and paintbrushes.

Step 1
Begin by painting the pot body, choose any colour you like.
Step 2
Next you will need to paint the flower pot rim. Try and choose a colour that contrasts well with your other paints.
Decorate Flower Pot Face - 5
Step 3
Once the rim is dry it's time to decorate. We added white polka dots to ours however you can do whatever pattern you like!
Decorate Flower Pot Face - 6
Step 4
Finally give your flower pot some eyes and a big smile. Once it’s dried you’ll be ready to fill it with beautiful flowers!