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Farm animal masks

Cows, sheep, chickens – making farm animal masks with your family is tonnes of fun! All you need is card, glue, different coloured tissue paper and some lolly sticks.

You'll need:

  • Card
  • Glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Lolly sticks or pencils
  • Safety scissors


  • 1

    Draw out some super simple outlines as a jumping off point, then help your little ones to draw animal faces, with mouths, eyes, noses, ears, etc.! (Or you can even find some online, download, print and cut them out.)

  • 2

    Once you've got the outline all filled in with lots of fun details, cut out the shape with safety scissors. Don't forget to cut the eyes out too!

  • 3

    Let your kids either colour in or add more to the masks – you can use yellow tissue paper for chicken feathers, for example!

  • 4

    When they’re done, help them tape a lolly stick or a pencil to the back so the masks can be held up to the face. Or simply punch holes in the side with the pencil and pop some string through to hold the mask in place!