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Nestlé in Society

At Nestlé we strive to work with integrity, openness and respect. Here you can find out more about how we work to deliver benefits to society, by respecting people, cultures and the environment.

Environmental sustainability

All living things need a stable, healthy environment in order to thrive. We work to minimise the impacts we and our partners have on the natural world. By protecting the environment, we can help make sure it can continue to sustainably provide us with natural resources and ingredients needed to make our products.

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The Nestlé Cocoa Plan

Not only does our Cocoa Plan increase our suppliers’ profitability and secure quality cocoa – it also means we can train farmers in better agricultural practices, support female farmers and improve children’s access to education.

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Nutrition, health
and wellness

As the world's largest food company, we aim to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for all ages, helping consumers care for themselves and their families.

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Rural development and responsible sourcing

We rely on over 760,000 smallholder farmers worldwide to supply us with the raw materials we need to make our products. By supporting our farmers and local communities – and sustainable farming practices – we can help rural areas grow.

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